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The Problem with Novastormchat Empty The Problem with Novastormchat

Wed Apr 27, 2022 12:41 am
After a year of absence of the Nova community I've felt better than I ever have before. For the first time I've felt completely at peace staying away from the mere essence of consistent toxicity and animosity as well as slander and pettiness. After observing Nova from the shadows throughout the year it seemed like it was calming down with less and less consistent drama. As I assumed first and foremost it's purely because they didn't have their main catalysts to target upon which is backed up by the random consistent talking smack about said people every now and then. Since my good friend Talon wanted to give Nova another chance I hesitated at first but caved and decided to join along side him since it seemed like they didn't make a huge fuss over him yet from returning. 

Before returning I already had a whole line of predictions set in the back of my mind of how things most likely would go down upon us returning. People really underestimate how much I observe and know about how most long term members there operate. When I predict things about the Nova community it almost always ends up happening because I truly just know how these people flow. Nothing ever really surprises me with the direction things go because I'm mentally prepared for it. Regardless of what I was expecting I still returned because I was hoping to be surprised and be proven wrong. Upon me entering Nova I was confronted by Rowlie who gave me a slick remark as expected so I tried my best to do a manipulative psychological tactic to get him to see what he was doing so he would stop and understand his actions. It ended up working and instead of the usual of blame ending up falling on me Rowlie had no choice but to take the accountability because of how it all flowed. In the past I would argue back with no kind of organization and I would be all over the place but this time I was fully prepared since I knew Rowlie would approach me like this. 

After that encounter would be where I'd experience what Nova was about these days with both Talon and me integrating ourselves back in. Due to my growth the past year I was able to dodge any sort of situation that could even remotely try to label me as problematic. Any situation someone would try to come at me I'd quickly raise the notion of how civil I am being vs their attempts of amassing animosity toward me. Eventually even people such as Felt for example, who disliked me unconditionally for whatever reason, would end up having to switch up and have civil conversations with me due to her having no real reason to exert hate on me without looking absolutely foolish. Tam would often try to poke at me but I would ignore the attempts since there was no reason to bother. I had to show these people that I am a lot smarter with my approaches now and can't get caught up by their traps anymore and they had no choice but to respect it. Through all this my first assumption was because I wasn't getting shit on that the environment has actually grown some and maybe has changed but I was wrong.

The only reason I wasn't getting the spotlight was because I was playing my cards right not because these people have grown. I figured this because of the situations Talon has been accumulating. Talon basically filled that same catalyst like role as before and played into chat's hands like I would in the past. Talon would fall into the trap of somebody coming at him and then getting blamed for it in return. Certain people would continue to ruin the environment on occasion and do their best to label Talon as some problematic figure. The only difference between how Talon operated and I operated was just our attitude approaches toward situations. Talon could be completely laying truth and all but because he had no safety regard on his comments people would do their best to use those comments as a way of convincing people that he was the aggressor. The proof would literally be in the chat that Talon 100 percent does not start anything yet these people still somehow have the bias to just say "hey it's talon he's starting things." This was where I would shake my head and realize that these people actually haven't really changed. It's the same situation as like with Tam against Zero and myself of the past.

So now this is where I'll lay down, from my current experience, what I feel the problem with Novastormchat is. Branching from my previous posts I feel about the same way as the past. To add onto it a lot of the issues stem from a ton of bias for/against people. Due to Rowlie being Mitch's brother, a lot of Rowlie's approaches are subsided because they are kin and probably share views. Tam does what she does because people hold a soft spot for her because of her condition and her "attempts" of wanting to be better with her own internal struggles. There's not as much reason for people to hold any type of bias toward Talon and I because we are fine individuals with not as much attachments as well as on a surface displayed level seemingly mentally alright individuals so we get no slack in comparison. These people often are given benefit of the doubt without even fully taking a look at the situation and properly hearing out the opposition's end. 

In terms of the said group of people who actually cause consistent problems, they merely are self centered individuals. These people's egos are very high and don't care to listen to anybody at all. They come at all situations with the mindset of winning or bringing the opposing end down. There's no resolution with these people they just spread animosity. All they want to do is throw blame on somebody else without even trying to entertain the thought of how troublesome they are themselves. They start shit with people they dislike and do their best to publicly shame their opposition so others can look down on them too. This type of mindset is dangerous and vile but nobody wants to see it in these people because they favor them and only wish to look at the good side of them and ignore their darker side as much as possible.

Nowadays I feel like Nova's solutions would be so much simpler if the surrounding people just well....paid more attention and actually confronted these said people and be more honest and upfront with them. Nova is honestly close to actually being a perfectly decent spot to being a great community but because the administration holds powerful bias and is afraid to confront their closest circle of people and correct them, things will never change with them and they will continue to always do the same stuff that ruins the vibes for everyone else who are just merely chillin minding their own business just wanting to enjoy the company of others. This may be taken as me suggesting to exile them or make them pay or belittle them or whatever but that isn't the case at all. To put it in the best terms of where I can sound like I actually want the best for everyone and not just winning over people I'll put it like this. Real friends will do what they can to ensure that those closest to them aren't making a fool of themselves and are making the best decisions to better protect themselves. If the administration truly cared for these individuals and want to actually protect them, then it would benefit them more for them to confront them and really let them know how the way they are is only hurting them more than making them look good or righteous. 

In truth nobody cares about these chivalry acts people just want to vibe. Nobody cares if you one up another people are just trying to vibe. Nobody cares about these dramas most of us are grown adults who just come online to unwind after going about their day. Nobody cares about beefing and feeling superior and getting into messes we just all want to chill. If there's an issue grown adults should strive for resolution and not holding onto animosity for the sake of it. That mentality is childish and a waste of time and energy. This is what these certain people who want to continue this animosity and beef are missing and should learn. 

If administration wish to continue to ignore these people and allow them to continue being the way they are because of being blind to their darker ends then it's only their own fault. If they want to continue not evaluating and taking in the information of all ends then they shouldn't be surprised how things somehow end up the same way. Personally at this point I know for a fact that I am at zero fault. I have nothing for anyone to even ATTEMPT to try to twist things on me but the logs show them and their approaches toward me. Talon may have not been smart with his executions but the logs show for him as well. No matter what Nova says they can't say we are the problem because the logs shows everything. Don't have to take my word at all on it the proof is all in the history. And if Nova wishes to deny even upon looking straight at it then the potential consistent problems that you will continue to face upon the future will be left to the surrounding people. Just pay attention to the same names that somehow end up in issues and show random aggression.
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