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Luna Star Rails: The End of Calamity Empty Luna Star Rails: The End of Calamity

Tue Feb 22, 2022 2:32 am
A year has passed since the war and separation between Nova and Luna. Being total opposites, they realized their environments could not live together in peace. They have both moved forward and developed their lifestyles. The Luna nation eventually disappeared into the void, not being heard of again. The Luna leaders were never heard of again. Nova continued to adapt to their life without those in their lives anymore. 

Hmado looked upon his nation in Nova. Flashbacks haunted his mind causing headaches, "Urg!" Mado panted and held his head. Mitch walked up in concern with a hand on his shoulder, "Woah are you alright?" Mado shook back and nodded, "Yeah...." The land of Nova steadily grew in dark aura overtime. Due to his last encounter with Spin, Rave, and Talon, Hmado was exposed to their awakened natures which finally separated him from the other residents. Mado noticed the darkness that loomed overtime as it grew, "I can see....was this due to my incompetence?" Mitch is confused, "What are you talking about? Everything seems fine to me." Mado gets the headaches again, "Urg...No...there's still something offputting in the area. They warned me..." Mitch is lost, "Yeah I'm not sure what's going on, but if there's something you need help with I'm here." Mado shakes his head, "Nah Mitch rest easy. This is a matter I must try to overcome myself. I need to see him." Mado conjures a spacial rift with his sand but the darkness disrupts it and goes haywire. Mado and Mitch try to resist the surge of power. A voice emerges, "You will not!" The spacial rift swallows Mado while Mitch is powerless to stop it in time, "Oh fuck! What the hell just happened??? I hope Mado can take care of himself...."

Mado is bound by chains of darkness, "What is the meaning of this?" A voice echoes in the void, "I am the growing power that lingers within your rhelm. You are deviating from our corruption. You must be reapplied for those fools have effected you." Mado tries to figure things out, "So it you that caused the rising gloom in Nova for all these years? How could I not have noticed...." Darkness, "You wouldn't have. I was a seed that grew slowly as time passed by. Your community was the most successful in giving me the opportunity to leech on all of your souls, driving you to become mad." Mado looks down, "Oh no....." Darkness chuckles, "You're foolishness, your softness, your obliviousness. All these factors allowed me to grow stronger and stronger and corrupt the souls overtime. The one called Char was the one who absorbed the most darkness, but strangely was able to break free from the curse out of sheer due to Spin's involvement and his sheer willpower. He escaped before having the chance to reapply. Being with Spin helped him resist the darkness and grow even more powerful without it." Mado shakes his head, "That's impossible...but Spin is the bringer of chaos... So what is the purpose of this? why us?" Darkness, "It's simple. I feed off weak souls. Weak convictions and troubled bodies. For my amusement driving people insane while growing more and more in power overtime to become an unstoppable force." Darkness gets heavy, "This is why I need you, Hmado. Your strength is most important so I can take Char once more. For his power of darkness would be most helpful in spreading more chaos within Nova." 

The Darkness began to get even heavier as Mado tried to squirm himself away. Mado, "Damn it...this is what I get...for being a coward....for not taking notice of the rising corruption..." Mado began to close his eyes as he was going to accept his fate. "No! Don't give up!" a bright light shone through the cracks of darkness as Rave bursted through and slashed through the darkness unbinding Mado's chains. Mado is surprised, "Char?" The darkness was irritated, "You! How!?" Rave smirked, "I don't know if you're stupid or what but I always have an eye on events. Just because I pulled Elphin away from Nova doesn't mean my senses are dulled. You forget that I have mastered the power of darkness and can read the flow. I noticed a disruption from where I was and decided to check it out." Darkness was annoyed, "Curse you! Very well for now I'll retreat but you'll never escape the overwhelming power of darkness." The darkness disappears and Rave prepares his leave but Mado stops him, "Wait. What are you doing now?" Rave hesitates to answer, "Well...I have business to take care of. Just go back to Nova and watch over them." Rave leaves quickly. Mado looks down then looks back up with a stern look, "I'll have to look into this matter myself." 

Rave returns to Spin's rhelm and confronts Spin, "So I checked out the disturbance. The darkness is making its move and is stronger than ever." Spin acknowledges, "We won't let it engulf us. This is what I've prepared to face for the longest." Rave nods and smiles, "I think you're ready. You've grown even stronger than I was at my peak now. Let's team up to finish this." Talon overhears the convo, "Alright this isn't something I really care about since it shouldn't effect us but I don't want you guys to get yeeted so make sure to use my tools if necessary." Talon gives them tools and vital medicines. Spin smiles, "thanks Talon, you really work hard." Rave opens a portal, "Alright I pinpointed the main source of the darkness. I also spread various of my other ravens to different places with strong dark energy to take care of." Spin walks forward, "Alright let's go. With this maybe finally we can put an end to the declines of people's minds." Talon, "Yeah if you guys take care of that I can supply the necessary treatments once you get back." Naid runs up, "Guys I can fight too!" Rave shakes his head, "I understand Naid that you've grown very strong but this isn't your fight. You must live in peace and focus on yourself. This is only a battle Spin and I should conclude." Naid looks sad, "ok...please you guys be safe." Spin smiles with a thumbs up as they make their exit. Talon shrugs, "To this day they care too much about this shit. It's not like any of that effects us. Oh well regardless I don't care what happens to the rest of those people."

Mado returns to Nova with the atmosphere getting heavier with darkness than usual. Mado takes out his blazing sword, "Ok it's time we do something about this." A heavy wind engulfs the area as the darkness begins to take form. The Novians look to the sky, "What is going on?" "Is this Char's doing?" "This is kind of dope." The darkness shoots at all the residents encaging them within the darkness. Mado hurries outside as this is unfolding, "oh no has it begun?" The darkness appears before Mado, "It's time to take over for good. I will recruit your people and enhance them to fight against Spin and his friends. To get rid of them is always what you wanted." Mado balls his fist in anger, "No you're wrong. All I want is peace and for everyone to be mature and cool to one another. I don't care about fighting and dealing with anyone!" Mado fires a fireball at the darkness but the damage was little, "I know what is with in the depths of your heart. Anger, fear, hatred, despair, regret. All that could go away by eliminating those who oppose you for good." Mado looks down, "You're right I did have these thoughts but I was wrong.... That wasn't me in my right headspace. Now that I've had sense knocked back into me. I can show you the strength of the real me. One who seeks true harmony amongst the people." Darkness continued to laugh, "It seems you again need to be reminded of the truth of your nature. Prepare to face your people!" 

The darkness began to direct the engulfed rage eye'd Novians on Mado. Novians, "Mado please join us." "This is the best and only way." "Mado they deserve to die." Mado looks saddened, "This is what has become of my domain.... due to my own shortcomings and faults. I will try to do what I can to save you all from this darkness." The dark cladded Novians all charge at Mado while he charges back and begin to fight. 

Spin and Rave enter this ominous domain with a strong gravitational pull and thick darkness polluting the air making it hard to move around. Spin is struggling, "Are you serious? This place is so heavy...." Rave also tries to keep his posture, "This is actually umbrastorm. I guess it chose this place since it's both forgotten and a linked source to Nova." Dark animals and people formulate immediately and attack them without warning. Spin and Rave try their best to dodge but their energy seems to already be getting expended due to the harsh environment. Spin and Rave grab the neutralizing bombs Talon made and throws it on the ground. The enemies fall back and the area begins to be more suitable to move around in. Spin and Rave are slightly tired already. Spin, "This is ridiculous... can we really handle this?" Rave puts himself back together and nods, "We have to Spin. It's either now or never. The darkness will only ever keep growing if we leave it unattended." Spin agrees and they come across various run down buildings, seeing various dark creatures run about watching them. 

Rave, "Alright Spin. I suggest we get our forms ready. We don't know when something will pop out randomly." Spin nods, "Yeah you're right." Spin goes into his femboy form and Rave goes into his phoenix mode. The power of the both of them resonated naturally dispersed the darkness around them making it easier to move around. Rave smirks, "They won't know what'll hit em. You seem to be able to maintain that form like it's nothing now too." Spin is happy, "Yeah I've come a long ways from when I struggled to keep this form for a few minutes." Spin quickly senses a disturbance and looks toward a castle, "Over there...I think that's where we need to be." They both dash over to the direction and they see an army of shadow creatures appearing before them. They proceed to keep running without intimidation and as they approached spin snaps his fingers and they all explode, clearing the pathway. They arrive to the destination. Rave, "Ok Spin so what is here?" Spin looks around, "I can feel the most density coming from this area. This must b the strongest point of the gravitational pull where the darkness may originate." Rave ignites a flame within his palm, "Alright so whatever it is if we just blow up the entire area maybe it'll stop the compression then we can simply purify the lingering darkness everywhere else." Spin channels his megido, "Yeah this seems like it'll be it."

As Rave and Spin ready their attack the gravitational pull starts to increase rapidly. The surrounding darkness started getting absorbed at the focal point at a quick rate. Spin activates his limit to try to resist the pull further and Rave succombs to the pressure and starts flying to the focal point. Spin, "RAVEN NOOOO!" Rave fears for his life as he flies toward the focal point but a hard block of sand blocks his way. Spin takes the opportunity to quickly dash forward and grab Rave and bounces off the sand before it crumbles from the pressure of the pull and rushes away from the strong gravitational force. Spin lands at a safe distance and lets Rave down. Rave is relieved, "Thanks Spin." Soon Rave notices another person coming forward and Spin catches on quickly. Spin, "I sensed you coming....Mado." Mado comes forward as the darkness continues to collect itself, "Hello Char and Spin." Spin and Rave are on edge. Spin, "So why did you help Raven? What are you here for?" Rave is still collecting himself and a little confused himself. He feels hesitant to speak like normal, "....Thanks." 

As Mado approaches Spin stays on guard with an angry demeanor. Mado puts his hands up, "Please relax. I'm here to help defeat this thing. It has tainted all of Nova and must be stopped." Spin is slightly upset, "So the coward finally decided to show up and do something for once instead of make things worse with his petty views." Mado sighs. Rave puts his hands over Spin, "That's enough Spin. What's important right now is we take care of this thing." They all turn towards the darkness gathering getting bigger and bigger. Rave, "My guess is that now that its biggest threats are all here. It's going to try to take us all on full force. This will be our opportunity to finish it once and for all." Spin, "So should we stop it now while it's trying to power up?" Mado shakes his head, "I feel like it would be wiser to wait for it to gather all its energy. It may be risky but this will ensure we dispel of this all at once so it can't recuperate elsewhere." Rave nods, "I agree. This means we'll have to give it our all on this one. It's either him or us. The final battle is among us guys." 

The guys wait awhile for the darkness to finish gathering. It kept towering more and more towards the sky higher than skyscrapers and about as wide as a mountain. Spin is shook, "Are you guys sure this is a good idea????" Rave is hesitant, "Hehehe.....we might be hella screw'd...." Mado is shocked, "My Allah this is unreal..." The darkness finishes forming, "You fools...Why is it that you allowed this to happen? There's no way you can take on years upon years of darkness accumulated." Rave is amazed, "So this really is what we festered over the years? wonder why it's hard to resist the darkness with it being so thick." Darkness, "I commend you three being among the few who were strong enough to escape the corruption of darkness. It shows how strong willed and special you truly are.'s also because of this you hold value. Corruption your souls again will allow me to start spreading even further. I'll be able to influence more and more rhelms with your help." Rave gets upset, "That is definitely not going to happen. As you already know I'm not one to accept anybody controlling me. I make my own fate and that will never change as long as I'm breathing!" Rave goes into his fully armored phoenix master mode. Spin steps forward, "I'm with Raven on this. I've grown a lot due to my experiences on Nova and the help of my true friends being Raven, Talon, and Naid. They helped me to forge a better path for myself and I'm not about to let you disturb that process!" Spin unlocks his full limit in his femboy mode. Mado also steps forward, "Throughout Nova's time it seems I've lost my way more and more without realizing. I seemed to have made many people's times more miserable due to my selfish and closed minded decisions. I must start my atonement by dealing with you and moving forward to try and right my wrongs and become anew as a leader!" Mado's collarbone flares up and his sand turns golden and metallic as he holds onto his blazing sword.

The three were all at their fullest against the towering darkness. Rave looks to both Mado and Spin, "Ok you two. I'm not at the best of my game right now so it's up to you to be the powerhouses in this fight. I'll focus mainly on supporting the both of you." Mado and Spin, "Alright." Spin immediately darts up in the sky as the darkness makes it rain gravitational bullets. Spin slashes them away effortlessly as he continues upward but then a strong invisible force knocks him down. Mado catches him with his sand as he also ascends and activates his mega suit to analyze the invisible force, "There are invisable projectiles in the air. I'll deal with them while you take out the raining gravity shots." Spin shurks, "I don't need you to tell me what to do." Rave quickly catches up as a array of creatures tries to swarm but he shields them with his silverwind ability. Rave summons his whole arsenal of blackwings to attack the endless amount of creatures. Rave, "Guys we don't have time for this we need to work together on this or else we're literally gonna die!" Spin acknowledges, "You're right. I'm sorry Mado we must work together everyone's counting on us." Mado is curious, "Hmm. Well I think what we need to do is get to the center of this thing and try to extinguish him with an all out attack. It's the only way I can think we can rid of this thing fast before we exhaust ourselves trying to merely hold him off." Spin assesses, "Yeah i think you're right. This thing will not budge at all if we attack it little by little. Our stamina in comparison is minimal." Mado aims a shot toward the sky, "I'll shoot a mega ray and forge us a path this way. Try to keep as much energy as u can by riding my sand al the way up." Spin nods, "Alright sounds good." 

Mado fires his mega laser carving a path for them to go. Rave sends Auster and Blizzard to Mado and Spin's side and transfers his armor master abilities to protect them, "I'll hold off the surroundings while you guys just focus on your goal. Now Go!" Mado and Spin start rising up quickly. Rave ascends with them taking care of the many creatures fighting with his arsenal of blackwings while keeping the protection up. Spin watches as Rave is fighting nonsteop, "Raven still isn't in top form but is fighting this much...." Mado takes notice, "It's my fault for crippling him... We must end this quickly for his sake." They reach their destination. Spin, "Ok I guess we go all out at the core now right?" Mado shakes his head, "With how absurdly huge this thing is, we need to be able to ensure we're able to not only power through to get to the core, but also be able to channel enough energy to cover all angles." Mado points to the monster, "One of us needs to fight through to the other side." Spin is displeased, "Do you realize how long that will take? this dude is about as wide as a mountain. We won't be able to hold off for that much longer especially with us getting split up." Mado has his head down, "You're right but what are our options...." Rave sends Mado his infernal ragnell. Mado is surprised, "Wait what are you...??" Rave communicates through Vayu, "Mado use Blizzard!" Mado is confused due to the fact he didn't have any use of a tuner but then realized that blizzard was a dark monster and formulated a plan, "I got it!" Mado uses his mega suit to perform a miracle fusion. His body enveloped the darkness of Escuridao. Spin watches as Mado is going haywire with the dark energy and grabs his persona mask and slaps it on Mado's face. The dark energy starts to calm down allowing Mado to take control again changing him into Dark Law. 

Mado holds both infernal ragnell and blazing sword in both hands with the power of Dark Law. Spin looks, "Ok this is cool and all but what now?" Mado smiles, "Don't worry. With the power of Dark Law I can transcend spacetime and travel through darkness." Mado cuts a rift, "As soon as I step through, work your way to the center immediately and give it your all." Mado steps through the rift and it disappears. Spin makes energy blades from both arms and powers up to his maximum with his limit, "Ok. It's time to finish this." Auster uses her dimensional pull to assist the resistance of the gravitational pull as Spin blitz through. Mado makes it to the other end and forms a sand barrier around himself while igniting his flames to the maximum with both swords and charges forward. the two advance at a fast rate. The darkness is frightened, "You will not make it! I will at least take one of you out first!" The darkness swings his mountain sized arm toward Rave. Rave is riled up with his adrenaline heightened, "Don't ever...UNDERESTIMATE ME!" Rave takes his Onimaru blade and summons Blaze Fenix and merges within the bird as they synchronize their powers as they launch themselves, "Sparking Phoenix!" Rave manages to take out the arm but it expends the rest of his energy and he begins to fall with a smile. The other blackwings try to recover Rave but weren't able to save him as he gets enveloped by the darkness slowly. Rave, "The rest is y'all..." 

Spin and Mado make it to the core. Spin and Mado, "NOW!!!" Spin channels all his energy into one arm while Mado does the same with the swords. Their powers synchronize into a towering beam as they stand side by side both controlling it like a blade. From within the darkness Rave sees them both standing strong as they start delivering the final blow smiling, "They really have pupils...." Spin and Mado, "HAAAAAAAA!!!" they work together swinging the giant energy blade into a circle extinguishing all the darkness. Darkness, "IMPOSSIBLLLLLLLLLLEEE!!!!!" The darkness was no more and only light shone. Rave falls out of darkness's control and falls down. Spin and Mado descend exhausted. Spin stumbles as he rushes over to Rave. Mado is panting, "We really did it..." He also stumbles toward the two. Spin checks Rave out as he's unconscious, "Raven! Wake up!!" Rave opens his eyes slightly, "Ugh Spin stop yelling please I just want some quiet...." Spin sighs in relief, "You big dope." They both laugh in joy as they take in the fact they won. Mado catches up and watches them with a smile, "..." Spin turns to Mado, "Thanks for your help Mado. I know we may not be in good terms but I'm glad you at least pulled through in the end." Mado acknowledges, "Hmph. You played your part as well." The two share an awkward pause. Rave gets up, "Alright well...I guess we'll go our separate ways again."

Mado stops Rave, "No stop Char. I need to speak with you." Rave is confused, "Huh? umm ok." Spin stands to the side, "What is this about?" Mado is unpleased, "This is personal between us. Please let us be." Spin is annoyed but Rave shakes his head signaling Spin to calm down. Spin, "Well alright Raven. I'll meet you back home." Spin leaves. Rave awaits for what Mado has to say. Mado, "I'll start off with this," Mado bows, "I apologize." Rave is shocked, "Huh? Are you for real?" Mado looks saddened, "I have caused you a lot of grief and chose to ignore it. Even though I was enveloped by the power of darkness, it's still no excuse as both a leader and friend that I ended up treating you the way you did." Rave stood by in shook not knowing how to handle the words being spoken and begins to let down his guard. Rave, "Alright...I'm open to this apology." Mado stands firm and serious, "After what transpired, it began to haunt my soul how things left off between us. I've had enough time to realize that I have wronged you. So i'm ready this time. Give me your all and express yourself entirely. I will listen this time." Rave gives Mado a chance. They both sit down discussing and relooking upon the past as well as bringing to light the mental struggles and challenges that transpired. They eventually both come down to conclusions and reach a mutual understanding. 

They both get up. Mado, "One last thing. These people you call friends. I believe they only harbor the will to stick by you only by convenience. Especially Spin is not a good person. Do you truly believe you can call them friends?" Rave gets slightly passionate, "I don't care about whatever experience you have had with them but they have been by my side on all accords. They have helped me in my lowest points and supported me unlike you or any Novian in the past. For this is the reason why i can entrust them with my life. My true bonds are with them and I entrust Spin with the future." Mado closes his eyes, "I see....I'll take your word for it." Mado extends his hand, "I thank you for giving me this chance despite how I've been." Rave sheds a tear, "This is an important moment....a step in the right direction not only in rekindling but also the growth of both of us as people and leaders." Rave also extends his hand and they shake. Mado smiles, "Good luck to you and the others." Rave nods, "Same to you." They both go their separate ways back to their domains.

Soon after Mado and Rave meet as leaders upon their respective nations and form a treaty declaring peace between Nova and Luna. They both now work towards diplomacy and suppressing the animosity as much as they can between their people. Spin continues to walk his own path and continues to train and get stronger to show the world how he's changed. The era of Nova was behind him and now he focuses on creating his own legend. The torch was passed to him as he has saved the world for the first time with his own power along with the lives he's touched.
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